Query Critiques

Contrary to a lot of people, I love query letters. Reading them, writing them, critiquing them--I love it all. So, anyone who would like me to critique their query letter please email me at michelle.k.krys@gmail.com. I can't promise to crit every single letter, but I can promise to be nice. Picky but nice.

Disclaimer #1 -By agreeing to this critique you are agreeing that your query letter be posted on this blog.

Disclaimer #2 -I don't claim to be a professional and my opinions are my own.

Disclaimer #3 -The Query Shark is awesome and the pioneer of the blog query critique.

Query Critique Archive:

December 29th, 2012- CRUEL SACRIFICES, YA
December 9th, 2012- DRIVEN, Commercial fiction
November 1st, 2012- SCRIBE OF THE STARS, upper MG
October 15th, 2012- ACE OF SHADES, YA steampunk fantasy
October 3rd, 2012- BLOOD AND HONOR, YA fantasy
September 20th, 2012- BATTLEGROUND, YA contemporary
September 9th, 2012- BLOOD AND SHADOWS
July 29th, 2012- PERFECTLY BROKEN, YA narrative memoir
June 13th, 2012- RUNNING SCARED, Issues-based YA
June 6th, 2012- THE ONE YOU FEED, YA horror
May 30th, 2012- CRYSTALLIZED, YA fantasy
May 27th, 2012THE FAMILY WHEEL, YA thriller
May 22nd, 2012- THE GRIMOIRE, YA fantasy
May 15th, 2012- CASSANDRA'S DAUGHTER, YA sci-fi
May 10th, 2012EVOLUTION: THREADS OF CONTROL, YA high fantasy, Round 2
May 3rd, 2012- THE RELUCTANT DEMON, urban fantasy
February 15th, 2012- THE MADMAN'S CROWN, YA fantasy
February 7th, 2012- VICTORIAN DECEIT, YA steampunk