Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to have a successful writing day: I cracked the code!

With NaNoWriMo in full swing, and many people (myself included!) getting burnt out by the push to reach the daily word count, I thought it might be useful to put together a few tips to help my fellow writers forge on through what I call ‘the saggy middle’, when it’s no longer exciting, the finish line is nowhere in sight, and the urge to google kittens doing cute things is almost overwhelming. Here they are:

-Do not check your email on a minutely basis even though you’re not expecting anything, ‘just in case’.

-Probably if you want to get work done, you shouldn’t write in bed with an electric heating pad on high.

-Do not download episodes of Entourage for ‘L.A. research.’ Similarly, do not spend hours watching music videos on Youtube for ‘pop culture research’.  

-Do not engage in lengthy twitter conversations about peri areas and panties.

-Ignore the urge to clean the toothpaste smudge on your shower curtain until after November 30th. Or at the very least, get someone else to clean it.

-Do not stand in front of the mirror for half an hour contemplating whether your wrinkles are Botox-worthy

-Do not google kittens doing cute things. Just don’t. (Oh fine, if you must have a kitten fix here's some kittens watching tennis.) 

-And for the love of god, don’t blog.

I think we can all agree this has been a very helpful post. You’re welcome. 


  1. Best of both worlds: Write in Written, Kitten. That way you get cute kittens AND a word count at the same time! ;)

  2. I've been doing all of these things! (minus having lengthy discussions about peri areas and panties lol). Nano is kicking my ass.

  3. heeheee

    Don't research L.A., just ask me. And for Angeleno authenticity, the answer to "Do I need Botox?" is always YES.