Saturday, March 31, 2012

YA/MG Agent-Judged Contest!!!

My critique parter Ruth Lauren Steven is holding a contest over at her blog, which many of you may be interested in (I know I would be if I didn't already have an amazing agent!)

The idea is this: Ruth will choose ten or so entrants from her 'slush pile'. The awesome agents will then read  through the material and choose a winner, who will be the lucky recipient of a partial critique (And more if they love what they read!)

It's an amazing opportunity, people! So don't hesitate to hop on over to Ruth's Blog to check out all the details and to learn the identity of the agents.

Fun times!


  1. This is awesome! Where does she find the time?

    1. I constantly wonder this myself!

    2. I ignore my husband :P

      Nah, I do this stuff in the spare time I have when I just can't write anymore, or I'm having one of those 'plotting days : D