Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things that are AWESOME!

And here we are again, for another edition of Things that are AWESOME!

Time off work is awesome. I've had the last 17 days off work (random vacation time I took), and I can't believe how much stuff I've accomplished in that time. Like what, you ask? Like I created this blog. Like I created a website. Like I completed the first round of revisions for my novel, plotted out the ENTIRE follow-up novel, wrote a synopsis for said follow-up novel, and wrote 12,000 words! And that's just the writing related stuff I accomplished. There were other things (ie. craptons of laundry and cleaning) but you don't care about that. So yeah, time off rules!

Another thing that is AWESOME is the THE TROUBLE WITH NIGHTINGALE, a just-released horror novella by the amazingly talented Amaleen Ison. I've had the privilege of exchanging critiques with Amaleen, and trust me, she's Terrific with a capitol T, and you should definitely check it out. Plus, if you hop on over to her website, you'll find a recorded excerpt of THE TROUBLE WITH NIGHTINGALE from non-other than Amaleen herself (she's got an English accent--extra cool points!)

That's all, folks.


  1. Wow, I can't believe how productive you were on vacation considering how much you procrastinate. I guess it really is just a part of your "process". Haha, you're an artist!

  2. I'm so in awe of Amaleen doing that. I think I might actually die if I ever had to read my stuff out loud (though I know you're supposed to do it.)

  3. Brandy--Haha!!

    Ruth--I'm super impressed with Amaleen for that too. I'm too shy for that! (of course I may be strong armed into it in the future :)

  4. Michelle, a double thank you for mentioning my book on your blog and for the fantastic review on Goodreads. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm going to post it all over the web now.

    And...OMG, your productivity is amazing! I need some of what you're eating/drinking.

  5. No problem, Amaleen. It's all true stuff! A great read :)